The interview candidate’s guide to reaching the goal.

For anyone who has held the ambitions to grasp every opportunity that comes their way, the first step is to have clarity of purpose. It is necessary to answer the major question of “why”? Being clear about what one wants from the interview is the first step towards constructing a positive impact.

CONFIDENCE: Confidence continues to be a necessary attribute in order to crack an important and yet challenging interview. It shows that one has belief in what one has learned and experienced until now. Overall, there can be a whole new perspective towards the candidate if there is confidence in the way he/she carries himself.

RESEARCH: Employers like a person who knows a little more about the field and about the company. It indicates that the person is willing to go an extra mile and also that they care enough about the interview to come well prepared for it.

ATTENTION: Employers tend to be concerned about how good a listener, or interpreter a person is. It is very important that the interviewee is attentive towards the questions of all the interviewers and answers them in an appropriate manner.

HOW TO ANSWER: Being confident has a lot to do with being you; one does not need to change one’s personality in order to clear the interview. It is important to answer the questions correctly and in your regular, natural manner. However, being confident is not enough; the answers must have relevant substance.

BODY LANGUAGE: A careless demeanor will not be appreciated by those taking the interview, at the same time, it is also not necessary to convey a sense of anxiety to get that callback. A balance of caution, control and confidence will work like nothing else. Moreover, body language gives a person away even before the interview begins; for example, crossed arms are usually not received positively. The way a person chooses to dress also speaks volumes about the importance given by the individual to that interview, moreover, the job. To conclude, a person who is well-informed about the dynamics of the field and the requirements of the company, along with being self-assured, is likely to be given an opportunity to prove himself/herself in the market.

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