A Quick Interview Guide

Going to face an interview? Whether it is your first interview or not, sitting for an interview always makes people shiver for a moment. It also needs some preparation and skills to be developed. To overcome this fear, here are some tips to help you go through the process a little more relaxingly and ace the interview.

1. Dress appropriately-The way you dress up for an interview is a very important part of the whole interview process. As a candidate, you must remember that you are going for an interview and so dressing up professionally is a crucial part. Dress smartly and neatly. Your hair also need to be done properly and shoes to be clean. It is always suitable to wear a good pair of formals for appearing in an interview. Be well groomed before you enter the company of your dreams!

2. Be confident– The next important thing to do while in an interview is to be confident! The interviewer might ask tricky
questions or sometimes-easy ones too, but whatever the case maybe, being confident is the way to crack an interview. No matter
how much prepared you are, on the D-day you might get a little nervous and that is quite natural. So, to appear confident, you must do small things like taking deep breaths, drinking water before entering the office, maintaining eye-contact with the interviewer, sitting straight, not shaking hands and feet and being careful about your body language.

3. Arrive on time– The quote, ‘better late than never’ does not work for an interview! No matter the distance of the office from your place, be sure to arrive for the interview on or before time. You might lose some points for being late even though you might have fulfilled other criteria! Arriving on time helps you relax a bit right before the interview and also shows that you are punctual and you care for work.

4. Answer the questions carefully– This is related to being confident. The interviewer might ask anything, professionally and
personally. You must answer carefully and smartly by not giving too much information that might be unwanted or too less
information, which might not clearly answer the question asked to you. Speak as clearly and confidently as you can. You can practice with a friend by answering common questions before you face the interview, but also be careful that the answers sound natural and not rehearsed.

5. Know your company– Research well about the company interviewing you and the position you have applied for. Having the
knowledge of things like the number of employees in the company, its foundation year, its mission and goals might help you impress the interviewers!

So, these were some very important points to keep in mind to nail an interview. Apart from these, things like having thorough content knowledge, asking 1 or 2 questions to the interviewer to better understand the job profile, explaining why you might be a good fit for the company, thanking the interviewers for taking out time and using appropriate language might just work on point and help you acquire the dream job you’ve always wanted!

All the best!

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